Our History


The Burden to start a radical believer’s ministry has been on my mind since 1973, but I was waiting for a specific word from God. It did not come until 1988. In 1988 when God spoke to me, I was giving the excuse of my poor financial situation and He asked; If Gen. Ibrahim Babangida made me a Minister, would I decline. There He said “No one takes this honor unto himself except he that is called as Aaron and his household”

In 2001, God told me to get ready for his blessings. He told me that he would put wealth in my hands for five years and that what I do with that wealth will determine what He would do with my life lately.

In 2002, He changed my life and brought millions into my hands during which I paid tithe in six figures. From the moment He began to put these resources at my disposal, I came into an experience of the capacity of the supernatural to deliver against human struggle. My depth of the scripture grew because I realized that the extent to which my business grows depended on the deposit of the word of God inside me. It was during this time that I wrote the book “The Church and the New Nigeria. In my study of the word, I discovered that the church has digressed from the original mandate of going to have joined in the rat race of materialism which is totally earthly. Sometimes I wonder why my mind works the way it works. I find my spirit challenging all conventional teaching and dog mats which are contrary to the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2010, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me on the need to raise people who are totally radicalized and absolutely given to the kingdom matters. One wonders what the leader of Boko Haram Sect tells their members that makes them so committed to the extent of giving their lives for their course. In like manner, God has commissioned us to raise these people who are passionate about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and are willing to lay down their lives for it. You might be willing to subscribe to this course of furthering the gospel with all our mind, with all-out Solil, and with all our spirit. Then you may need to complete our questionnaire so that you can be admitted to this glorious citizenship with the rights and privileges of His Kingdom. After completing this form you have the right of using this appellation C.A, meaning Christ ambassadors after your name. We are pilgrims on the earth and our stay is very short, at that, we have an ambassadorial mandate (2 Corinthians 5 vs 20: “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God”). 

A mandate that will make them financial giants, because it's God’s kingdom that reigns over the affairs of Men. Now God is calling us to raise these people who will be financial giants on the earth and yet brandishing a life of holiness unto the Lord. There is an economic transfer that is coming upon the face of the earth which so many preachers or prophets have talked about in the past. But now we are coming into the full manifestation of the wealth transfer by the demonstration of the powers of the world to come.


Paul Adekunle Oni

Senior Pastor.